Property Damage Department

Our Property Damage Department will assist you with the damages to your vehicle, as well as Storage Fees, Rental, and Loss of Use (if applicable.) We ask that you refer all calls regarding your vehicle damages to our department to handle on your behalf. Please do not speak with anyone unless they are with The Taylor Law Firm.

The work this Department performs on behalf of you and your property damage claim is done as a courtesy and generally no fee is assessed (a fee is obtained on all Diminished Value claims, on property damage claims that are being negotiated with your injury claim by the attorney, or require us filing suit/litigation.)

Our goal is to get the insurance company to pay for the repairs to your vehicle as soon as possible, if the vehicle is repairable, or to pay for the value of your vehicle if it is later determined a total loss.

We begin by filing a claim on your behalf with the at-fault insurance company. In most cases, the insurance company will require an inspection of your vehicle in order to assess the damages. We will assist you in arranging the inspection. If your vehicle is not drivable an appraiser with the insurance company will come and inspect the damages to the vehicle. However, if your vehicle is drivable you may be required to drive the vehicle to an inspection location.

After the claim has been filed and the insurance company has inspected the vehicle, we will continue to work with the insurance company to obtain compensation for your property damage. The amount of time it takes to receive compensation is based on the insurance company's actions. If the insurance company agrees that their insured was at fault, and if we can agree on the amount of the damages to your vehicle, payment may be issued within 2-3 weeks. However, there are several factors that can delay payment, such as:

  1. If the insurance company takes longer than normal to inspect the vehicle;
  2. If we do not agree on the amount offered for damages; or
  3. If the insurance company believes that the other party is not at fault for the accident.

Any of these circumstances may result in a delay of payment. In circumstances such as these, it can sometimes take up to 6-8 weeks to receive payment. If the insurance company disputes liability or denies liability altogether it may be necessary to file a lawsuit in order to resolve the matter. If a lawsuit is required, we are then bound by the case scheduling order and the court will determine the timeline of your claim.

In any of these instances, we cannot control the insurance company's actions, nor can we force them to issue payment. This is why we strongly recommend that you carry your own Collision Coverage on all of your auto policies.

Our goal is to get you your payment for your property damage as soon as possible. You do need to understand that there could be delays based on the insurance company's actions.

If your vehicle is in storage at a tow yard you must take every step to have your vehicle moved as the insurance company may only pay what is reasonable storage charges as they insist it is your responsibility to mitigate your damages and they have a duty to investigate on their insured's behalf, which could take some time. This may also delay us being able to get you set up in a rental vehicle.

Again, our goal is to obtain payment for your property damage as soon as possible and to minimize your inconvenience. However, it is important for you to understand the process and recognize that delays may be experienced, but know that we are working hard on your behalf and doing all that we can within the laws of the State of WA.

If you have additional questions with respect to your property damage claim, including Storage Fees, Rental or Loss of Use, please call Dawn Kurtz, Property Damage Specialist at ext 112 or Alex Olson at ext 117.